Abbey Wood Irregulars

The die is mightier than the sword


The Abbey Wood Irregulars (AWI) started life some 25 years ago as a loose collection of mostly Civil Servants playing in Bristol, over that period the group has changed significantly, both geographically and in composition and are now a much more mixed bag of wargamers who meet monthly for larger, umpire led, games (typically up to 12 players) and to put on games at wargames shows. We also meet on ad hoc basis for smaller games at the Bennett Centre.We play a range of periods from Ancients (15mm DBM) and Medieval (28mm Lion Rampant) through ECW (15 & 28mm), AWI (28mm "British Grenadier" rules) and Napoleonics (15mm General de Brigade rules) to ACW (28mm), 19th Century (15 & 28mm Colonials / Zulus), Wings of Glory, WW2 (15mm both land and naval (Cruel Seas) plus 28mm (CoC), Vietnam (28mm Force on Force, etc.) and cold war Modern (20mm) conflicts.We host the final round of the DBM doubles tournament in late October (Vexillum) and since 2022 and the emergence from Covid restrictions, we have run a DBA competition in the spring each year.As the group gets older, we're looking for new blood and are happy to turn to new ideas as well as play those games and periods we have grown up with.Also meeting at the Bennett Centre on a regular Thursday evening is the Frome Board Games Club, details of which can be seen at their own webpage.


The Irregulars meet at the Bennett Centre, St. John’s Church Hall, Vicarage Street, Frome, Somerset. Our larger games are held on the first Saturday of each month (09:30 till late) with smaller games being organised for Friday evenings or other Saturdays on ad hoc arrangements.Currently the hall is undergoing renovation which limits easy access so please discuss any potential issues with us before arrival.


The Abbeywood Irregulars would like to thank the following for their support and encouragement:


Pete Connew is acting as events secretary and point of contact.