Photos and write-up: February 2017 Big Game Day

Gettysburg Game in full swing

February saw the club return to Gettysburg for the afternoon of day one - Rodes’ Division attack.

A selection of photos of the game by myself and Jerry can be found on Flickr.

Jerry has also kindly provided a battle report of the day’s events:

Gettysburg – Rodes’ Division attack


  • To the To the Union Left, Stone’s Bde held McPherson’s Railway Cut, supported by a 3-Gun Rifled Battery & a detached Regt from the Iron Bde.
  • To the Union Right, on Oak Ridge, Baxter’s & Cutler’s Bdes held the ridge, though out of sight. Also supported by 2x3-GunRifled Batteries. A hasty redoubt was also on Oak Ridge.
  • Paul’s Bde sat on Seminary Ridge in Reserve.


  • On the Northern edge of the Battlefield were Daniel’s Bde, Carter’s Arty Bde, Iverson’s Bde & O’Neal’s Bde. O’Neal’s Bde is on Oak Hill, opposite Oak Ridge.
  • Ramseur’s Bde & another Battery, is in Reserve Off-Table

1st Moves

  • O’Neal’s Bde marched in column due south to the bottom of Oak Ridge, Carter’s Arty Bde marched to a gentle hill in the centre & unlimbered, Daniel’s Bde marched up the Mummasburg Rd to support O’Neal, Iverson’s Bde marched & wheeled round the gentle hill.
  • Stone’s Bde advanced to the southern bank of the Railway cut, supported by the Battery on their Left & Paul’s Bde on their Right. Baxter’s Bde wheeled right to face O’Neal.

Opening Clashes

  • O’Neal’s Bde found out the hard way that being in column is good for moving, bad for being shot at.
  • Iverson’s Bde in column of march got a warm welcome from all 3 Union Batteries & rather rapidly formed line.
  • Daniel’s Bde sent out skirmishers to ping the nearest Union Battery.
  • Unsurprisingly, the casualties taken from shooting caused a Retreat morale failure on ½ of O’Neal’s Bde.
  • Daniel’s Bde skirmishers were ineffective, so the columns went in (see above on how columns do in ACW)
  • Ramseur’s Bde arrived with the Corps Commander & another Battery, & endeavoured to catch up the rest of the Division.
  • Carter’s Artillery began counter-battery fire & scored a palpable hit, blowing up one of the Guns, & causing the Union 1st Division Commander to see the red mist & commit to a one-way charge into the opposing army when he saw his own brother fighting for the enemy. Fortunately, his AdC was the class swot at West Point, & morale improved dramatically!
  • Iverson’s Bde soaked up the punishment & did not a lot else
  • By hook or by crook, O’Neal somehow managed to rally both Regts & send them in again
  • Daniel’s Bde tried a charge against Cutler’s Bde & stopped under the fusillade of minie balls.
  • Dick Ewell as Corps Commander removed the DPs from O’Neal’s Bde & this time they got into Line before trying a charge


  • Union Arty returned the favour by KO’ing one of Carter’s Guns & the Battery & Carter himself in one fell swoop.
  • Iverson’s Bde stepped forward & forced the Union Batteries to step back
  • Paul’s Bde flanked Iverson’s Bde & threw him back
  • O’Neal’s Bde eventually broke through Baxter’s lines & onto Oak Ridge
  • Daniel’s Bde finally got a charge in, & followed it up with an uncontrolled charge into Cutler’s Bde that caused grievous pain & grief to that Bde
  • Ramseur’s Bde finally caught up with rest of Division
  • Stone’s Bde was advancing against the Confederate Artillery.
  • Time ran out


  • Confederates finally broke through the Union Right & looked as though they might smash through, but the CSA Right was also hanging in the wind, having only Ramseur’s Bde & the Arty to stop two Union Bdes rolling it up.
  • So, only a partial victory to the Confederates – Is there going to be a Day 2 of Gettysburg??
  • Well done to all the players, hope everyone had fun!

The latest version of the rules used can be found here.

Next month we are all at sea but in reduced circumstances due to the main hall being in use.

Until next time.